Thimus Partner

Thimus is a neuromarketing agency established in order to provide effective advice in the creation, promotion and success of a brand.

Using the expertise gained in the study of consumer behaviour as well as accurate scientific tools and techniques such as biometrics, Thimus investigates consumer behaviour, brand persuasion techniques and the effects of advertising on the mind.



  1. Measuring

Measuring specific consumer emotions related to marketing images, messages and materials (e.g. advertising, packaging, retail or off-the-shelf sales).

  1. Discovering

Discovering what creates satisfaction and preferences: emotional data are detected by our devices and encoded in real time.

  1. Forecasting

Creating products and services that are consistent with the emotional response, and tools that can be applied strategically to various brands and categories.


What can Thimus do for you?

  • study purchasing habits
  • “enter” the consumer’s mind
  • forecast and deduce choices
  • generate specific expectations