Moritz Jäger

I am originally from Garmisch-Partenkirchen: I studied business administration at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, with spells in Zurich and Taipei. My focus was on Entrepreneurship & innovation, location & regional development. 

After my studies I have worked as a business analyst in a Viennese innovation consultancy, in journalism and as a spokesman for a Bavarian government agency – all very different worlds that have made me highly versatile. 

I have been working for the ROI TEAM as an “Optimiser and Optimist”, as I like to call myself, since March 2016. My focus here is on controlling, organisational development, public relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

I moved to the south side of the Alps for private reasons. I live in Bolzano and feel happy there.