Martin Kreil

I am a graduate in business administration and already during my student days I became interested in marketing and sales and specialised in them. 

Before I transferred to the consultancy sector more than 19 years ago, I was able to gather sufficient experience so that I could extend the scope of my consultancy to include the sectors of strategy and organisation. My special interests, and most comprehensive references, apply to and include the investment and consumer durables sectors.  

I know from belief and experience that success depends especially on the marketing orientation of the company: in other words, just how well companies place customers at the centre of their considerations.  

Faced with these challenges, I see my role in customer support as applying up-to-date consultancy methods, of course, as well as my wealth of experience and a distinct entrepreneurial way of thinking. I am totally committed to the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us. 

“We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do”