The Project Process

Every customer, every job is different. We stand for individual, bespoke solutions. A structured approach is indispensable.

  • Preparation

    In preliminary talks we clarify the requirements and expectations of our clients. This information forms the basis for an appropriate and transparent offer.

    Preparation Request
  • Situation Analysis

    In the first stage of the project we analyse the current situation of our clients and identify their strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / threats.

     Situation Analysis Request
  • Concept Phase

    During the concept phase we evaluate the available alternatives and potentials. Futhermore we set the course for the improvements needed.

    Concept Phase Request
  • Action Plan

    After setting the goals of the project and defining the improvements, we determine the steps needed to reach our goals through an action plan.

    Action Plan Request
  • Implementation

    With clear inputs and ideas we start to implement the changes needed, aiming for a fresh start for our clients.

    Implementation Request