Consulting in South Tyrol: our consulting concept

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why we focus on a holistic consulting approach. On a seamless linkage of the elementary business areas: strategic management, marketing / sales, organisation and controlling / finance.  

We develop corporate and business strategies, also offering special management advice on mergers and acquisitions, enterprise formation (start-up), succession planning and rehabilitation.  

We provide for marketing with a hit rate. A product must be good, a price must reflect the performance, the distribution must operate consistently and the brand must convince completely.  

We control and optimise the effectiveness of the organisation – from the work processes on the structure up to the personnel.  

We set value on meaningful controlling and a firm financial position, likewise on good management tools for cost accounting, budgeting, financial planning and transparent results.  


Consulting in South Tyrol:
the Multi-Specialist

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Our range of services for our clients

We take the view that the customer is always right whether implementing elaborated concepts, in a coaching discussion, in the case of training or during management services. For exactly this reason, we also measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction.

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