Because winning is fun.

Can’t wait for the future? Neither can we. And we’re delighted to take it in hand. Because we are specialists in creating success. The greatest strength of our South Tyrol based consultation company is our team. We define ourselves as multi-specialists in strategy, organisation, marketing, sales and controlling. That’s what we do every day. And we’re not ashamed to admit: We play table tennis too. As a team, against each other and with each other. Or rather: We practice winning. Because the stakes are high, for us and for you. So there’s only one solution: We’ll play alongside you in the future. Eyes on the ball, all the way. It’s your serve.

What do our clients say about ROI TEAM CONSULTANT?

Keep the ball in play. That’s the main thing. Every client has their own technique. We’ll work out our strategy and tactics together. Custom-designed projects are the only ones that make sense. Our fans agree…

Meraner Weinhaus
Meraner Weinhaus

Meraner Weinhaus

Since 2015, my partner Günther Hölzl and I have met regularly to exchange ideas in coordinated, result-oriented sessions with Dr. Eng. Heinrich Riffesser from the ROI TEAM. This individual coaching helps us to stay focussed on our strategy and to advance on both an operational and a personal level. At the same time, the impartial professional perspective and clear evaluation are of great importance to us, and always of immense value.

Ulrich Wallnöfer
CEO - Meraner Weinhaus GmbH, Pur Südtirol, Ah!Natur


Meraner Weinhaus

Victory is in sight.

Who’s leading the game? We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why we take a holistic approach to consultancy. Now, how much topspin do you want on that shot?

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Stamina? We have it. Agility? We train. Every day.

Where’s your champion’s spirit? If changes are going to be effective, everybody needs to get behind them.

Even the best of concepts can only work if everybody knows what the “new” feels like. We walk you through the implementation phase: coaching, training, interim management and mediation.
Tension? High. Risk of injury? That’s a given. You wouldn’t want us to lie to you. Want to feel the flush of victory?

Come on, let’s get started

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