Horst Völser, M.Sc.

"The many positive aspects of consultancy" 
Specialist knowledge, sound operational experience and an objective view of events are the cornerstones of successful consultancy. 
I enjoy my work as a consultant and can look back with pride on 35 years of professional success. 
I started my career working in a guest establishment while at the same time working for the hoteliers’ and restaurateurs’ association, specialising in business consultancy. A move to a bank taught me a great deal about this very important sector for enterprises, which ultimately allowed me to switch to consultancy some 20 years ago. 
Apart from consultancy, I have been active in management, working for 20 years as an adviser. These years have permitted me to learn about the economic realities of South Tyrol with all its idiosyncrasies, strengths and weaknesses. My main areas of consultancy focused on company accounting and finance.
As an adviser I was able to pass on my knowledge to banks, companies, associations and public bodies. This proximity to real life has ensured that course participants benefit from clarity and gain ideas for operational improvements. Continuing education requires constantly updated information about new issues, while increasing one’s own knowledge is a precondition for the quality of the seminar.
To experience the daily life of an enterprise and improve my operational skills I usually have a management role in at least one company. Over the years, for example, I have been the managing director of a fashion import business, I have managed a winery in Germany and I am currently an operationally active member of several boards of directors. 
From 2007 to 2010 I successfully concentrated my training activities on coaching and mediation. Combined with my knowledge of the challenges that arise each day in the business world, these two fields now allow me, in addition to my specialist knowledge, to offer emotional support in difficult situations.
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  • For a young, third-generation company manager, one of the priorities is to keep the family business running on successful tracks. However, the operational side of the business often diverts energies from managerial responsibilities.

    With the help of Mr Heinrich Riffesser and the ROI consultancy team, I have succeeded in streamlining the managerial processes of the company in a relatively short timescale.


  • “ROI TEAM stands for:


    In times such as these we need a strong partner to help us build and develop our expertise, to exchange good practice in developing strategic and operational objectives, to be our second pair of eyes when analysing and building on the challenges the international market throws at us.”

    Flora Kröss, CEO ewo



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