Dott. Daniel Vikoler

After completing my Master’s Degree in Accounting, Financial Management and Control at the L. Bocconi University in Milan I worked for the international companies Accenture and L.E.K. Consulting, where I was involved in process restructuring, company reorganisation and takeover analysis projects.

Subsequently, I participated in a Global Management Programme with Vestas Wind System a Danish wind-turbine producer and worked in their Performance Management department.  I was responsible for a cost-reduction programme at the production plant in Denmark and optimisation of sales management procedures in Hamburg.

In 2013, I began to work for German wind-turbine producer Nordex as Commercial Project Manager for the construction of wind farms in Great Britain, the Netherlands and the Baltic States. I was involved in the commercial negotiations for construction projects, and responsible for cash-flow management, project control, supplier negotiations and accounting, contracts and claims management and risk management.

In 2016 I was hired as Head of Sales Administration by Demaclenko, a subsidiary of the Leitner group. Under my leadership, we conceived project plans for snow-making facilities and water-management systems, prepared commercial tenders, formulated pricing and acquisition strategies, implemented sales management strategies and prepared project account statements. 

When the opportunity to work with the ROI TEAM arose in 2017 I was filled with enthusiasm at the prospect of returning to my consultancy roots!

In an economic environment which is changing ever more rapidly, companies can no longer afford not to adopt an integrated development approach. I would like to put my considerable commitment and drive to use in assisting organisations to not merely accept change as a whim of fate, but to take advantage of the opportunity it offers.  

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  • For a young, third-generation company manager, one of the priorities is to keep the family business running on successful tracks. However, the operational side of the business often diverts energies from managerial responsibilities.

    With the help of Mr Heinrich Riffesser and the ROI consultancy team, I have succeeded in streamlining the managerial processes of the company in a relatively short timescale.


  • “ROI TEAM stands for:


    In times such as these we need a strong partner to help us build and develop our expertise, to exchange good practice in developing strategic and operational objectives, to be our second pair of eyes when analysing and building on the challenges the international market throws at us.”

    Flora Kröss, CEO ewo


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