Expert, innovative and determined

Expert, innovative and determined

Our know-how comes from more than 650 successfully implemented projects. As multi specialists we will show you the right perspective and lead you to success.


Company history

In 1995 Hannes Spögler, Luis Holzner and Horst Völser set up ROI TEAM CONSULTANT with the objective of supporting South Tyrol's industry and economy with professional and hands-on advice.

The founding members have been trained in economics and business management and already have a varied and wide experience of industry and consultancy.

In 2000, the company moved from its first headquarters in Bozen-Gries to its recently acquired offices located more favourably in terms of access and traffic in Via Siemens in Bolzano's industrial and commercial district.

Additions had to be made to its team of consultants in order to keep pace with the successful trend in orders: 

in 1999 Christian Riegler boosted the special department for controlling;

in 2002 Martin Kreil reinforced the special department for strategy, sales & marketing;

in 2007 Heinrich Riffesser became new head of strategy and president;

in 2010 by dint of sound consultancy work and personal customer relations ROI TEAM CONSULTANT attained a leading position in South Tyrol's consultancy sector

in 2010 Luis Holzner, Horst Völser and Christian Riegler qualified as business management coaches;

in 2010 Martin Kreil as a certified management consultant.

in 2011 Christian Gruber became a consultant in the department of controlling.

in 2014 Horst Völser became a M.Sc. in mediation.

in 2014 Matthias Baumgartner became a consultant in the departments of controlling, organization and strategy.

in 2014 Hannes Spögler ceases his activity at ROI TEAM and starts his new job as CEO at the company GEOS.

in 2016 Vera Giuliani became a consultant in the departments of marketing, organization and strategy.

in 2016 We grieve the loss of our friend and colleaugue, Luis Holzner.

in 2017 Moritz Jäger became a consultant in the departments of controlling and organization.



In today’s turbulent times, it is very important to adapt, accurately and above all quickly, to changing market conditions, trends and consumer behaviour. Our team has the necessary focus on innovation for this and so they can advise and support you on your way.



Often people fail to achieve their objectives because they have not defined them clearly enough or because they do not really and truly believe themselves that they can be implementedWinners, on the other hand, know exactly where they are going and know the course the journey will take. We will support them on their way.


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  • For a young, third-generation company manager, one of the priorities is to keep the family business running on successful tracks. However, the operational side of the business often diverts energies from managerial responsibilities.

    With the help of Mr Heinrich Riffesser and the ROI consultancy team, I have succeeded in streamlining the managerial processes of the company in a relatively short timescale.


  • “ROI TEAM stands for:


    In times such as these we need a strong partner to help us build and develop our expertise, to exchange good practice in developing strategic and operational objectives, to be our second pair of eyes when analysing and building on the challenges the international market throws at us.”

    Flora Kröss, CEO ewo


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(South Tyrol - Alto Adige) Italy

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