The project process

The project process

Every customer, every job is different. We stand for individual, tailor-made solutions. A structured approach is indispensable.


In preliminary talks we clarify the requirements and expectations of our clients. These informations are the basis for the compilation of an appropriate and transparent offer.

Situation analysis:

In the first stage of the project we analyse the current situation of our client and identify his strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / threats.

Concept phase:

During the concept phase we evaluate the available alternatives and potentials. Futhermore we set the course for the needed improvements.

Action plan:

After setting the goals of the project and defining the improvements, we determine the steps needed to reach our goals through an action plan.


With clear inputs and ideas we start to implement the needed changes aiming for a fresh start for our clients.


Consulting references

  • For a young, third-generation company manager, one of the priorities is to keep the family business running on successful tracks. However, the operational side of the business often diverts energies from managerial responsibilities.

    With the help of Mr Heinrich Riffesser and the ROI consultancy team, I have succeeded in streamlining the managerial processes of the company in a relatively short timescale.


  • “ROI TEAM stands for:


    In times such as these we need a strong partner to help us build and develop our expertise, to exchange good practice in developing strategic and operational objectives, to be our second pair of eyes when analysing and building on the challenges the international market throws at us.”

    Flora Kröss, CEO ewo


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